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Do Frame | Droog Design | 2000

Autoband (1999) was the starting point for my interest in creating a series of adhesive tapes with graphics that can be used in different contexts and for different purposes. These include the Football Tape (2000), the Plant Emulator (2002), and others.

Do Frame was the second, and was part of a project between Kesselskrammer and Droog Design, based on the idea of an interaction with the object, in this series I made several products, and one of them was the Do Frame, consisting of an adhesive tape with baroque and golden decoration that could be used to frame posters. The idea of the disappearance of the object that is replaced by the drawing persists in this object. Do Frame popularized adhesive tape beyond its functionality, and years later companies such as Ikea or Muji began to market their own adhesive tapes. There were also, or perhaps still are, copies of the object itself.

Photo Inga Knölke