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Pharma Food | La Virreina | Barcelona | 1999

PHARMA_FOOD a system of nourishing through breathing. We are constantly ingesting microparticles that are suspended in the air we breathe, such as the dust in our home. The idea behind Pharma food is to convert this act, the ingestion of polluting particles (which we are completely accustomed to and takes place in enclosed and outdoor urban areas), into a new form of nourishment. Pharma food is composed of a type of particle that is ingested by breathing and that has benefitial effects on the organism. These particles include vitamins, amino acids, minerals or micro-nutrients in general. The particles constitute a volatile muesli that is released to be inhaled and then reach their destination by the mouth. In order for the particles to reach the stomach and avoid getting into the lungs, an element called "saliva activator" has been devised. It activates the salivary glands so that the inhaled particles adhere to this liquid and are led to the stomach, where they are assimilated by the digestive system. Futur Compost / La Virreina, Barcelona 1999 and Design and Zeit / Kunst Halle Krems 1999

Photo Inga Knölke 1999