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Food Work | La Sala Vinçon | Barcelona | 2001

FOODWORK, May 2001 at La Sala Vincon Barcelona We feed and nurish ourselves with both edible matter (food) and information and data. This energetic (vital) matter, assimillated by the body, keep us physically and intellectually alive. FOODWORK brings the everyday (food and nurishment) closer to the world of technology, information and communication; the contemporary world.

The exhibition shows 18 pieces based on food and an Automatic (karaoke) SPAMT Factory system: A system that encourages the viewer to perform "SPAMT" altruistically for themselves and for the public. The individual becomes part of the political-economic system.Picture 1: T-Cake / G-Power
The T-Cake / G-Power is a second generation IBM printer piece made of natural edible material:Carob. The form creates a reference to the new nature.
Picture 2: I-Cake
The surface pie-graphic indicates the cake ingredients. Decoration becomes information.
Picture 3: G -Power Square Block
An edible carob block to place anywhere in your home or office which you can nibble at over a period of time; weeks, months. This system allows you to eat your interior domestic / work surroundings.

Photo Inga Knölke 2001