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Context Free Including Park Life The Kitchen Buildings | MUDAC | Lausanne | 2003

PARK LIFE The Kitchen-Buildings Cooking is not longer a necessity, having become a sport, or just as well a leisure activity. Even so, it is still done mostly in closed spaces connected to the home, that is, in the space of the conventional kitchen, thus limiting its possibilities in terms of action and pleasure. The Kitchen-Buildings are designed around the action and function of cooking, so that the idea of their architectural structure vanishes as it is expanded into the format of the choreography arising out of the process of preparing foodstuffs. Preparation, elaboration and consumption define a space that is both social and functional.In this kitchen-city the architectural space is the choreography and the kitchen mechanism becomes the architectural object. The Kitchen-Buildings are the active leisure rides of a non-natural amusement park, and can be installed separately or together, in generic, public or private spaces, making up an anthropological park in real time: park life. Park Life seeks to reconsider everyday life as a luxury leisure sport.Martí Guixé Barcelona, May 2003Park Life # 006 The Oven Kitchen-BuildingThis is a wood-burning circular oven, with the firewood storage making up the walls that close off the space. The storage and use of the logs has the effect of changing the layout of the overall construction. The building is supported and installed on a slight inclination in relation to the horizontal ground. Park Life # 007 The Solar Kitchen-Building The Solar Kitchen Building can be manually shifted to follow the position of the sun. It allows for activities inside, as well as the possibility of being installed for the consumption of prepared foods. The cooking of the foodstuffs is done through the concentration of the sun's rays in the centre point of the interior platform. A ramp and opening give access to the middle of the reflector. Park Life # 008 The Fruit Kitchen-Building A platform attached to the trunks of the fruit trees allows for the picking, preparation and consumption of all kinds of fruit in the trees.The trees are planted in large pots of different heights to ensure that they are level just above the platform, so that no special effort is needed in the picking of the fruit. Since it is attached to the trees the platform moves in function of the trees' growth. A ramp gives access to the platform, completely surrounded as it is by the fruit trees. Park Life # 009 The Shellfish Kitchen-Building A transparent saltwater tank on a platform allows for you to see the shellfish you wish to catch for preparation and consumption from below. The shellfish farm facilitates the presence of all kinds of sea crustaceans and molluscs. They can be caught from outside or from within the tank itself. Park Life # 010 The Garden Kitchen-Building An earth-filled container for growing plants, with everything needed for the garden's care, allows for fresh vegetables to be picked for preparation and consumption. The container element is independent of its surroundings and can be installed anywhere. Park Life # 011 The Seafood Kitchen-Building This is a saltwater fish farm to be located near the coast in a maritime environment, connected to a platform to facilitate the capture, preparation and consumption of fish. A series of transparent steps going down into it means the interior of the tank is visible from without. The tank does not isolate the fish but simply holds them to make them easier to catch. Park Life # 012 The Smokehouse Kitchen-Building he Smokehouse Building has a smoking room that can also be used as a storage area for tools and equipment needed for the smoking process, set beside a freshwater river fish farm. The fish can be caught for smoking in situ, and their preparation and consumption also take place on the same site. It is possible to smoke other foodstuffs apart from fish.

Photo Inga Knölke 2003