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A B C D E F Grill Party | Berlin | 1997

A B C D E F Grill Party performed in Berlin, August 22th of 1997 Someone told me that in ancient Japan, when the fishers returned from sea, they would print their biggest fish whith ink on a piece of paper. On this paper they would write their name and the specifics charachteristics of the fish aswell as the price. The printed paper they would than hang in the fishmarket to advertise the catch of the day. After this principle I developed my new typography.

1.-Drink a Bier
2.-Write the letters by cutting the surface of the fish.
3.-Put the fish on grill A
4.-After about one minute take it and...
5.-Put the fish in an ink oktopus sauce and...
6.-Print the surface of the fish (with the letter cut in it) on a white paper
7.-Put it again in the fire but on grill B (after about 5 minutes it is ready for eating)
8.-Go on with the rest of the alphabet.

Photo Inga Knölke 1997