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Lecture | workshops
Intertwingled. Presentation of the Catalogue. La Galleria Nazionale, Rome
Phygital. Lecture at Sapienza Design Factory, Rome
Solar Kitchen Restaurant. lecture at Congresso dos Cozinheiros, Lisabon
Beyond Design. Lecture at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan
Food Loves Design. Lectrure at EFOOD2022, lisabon
Ex-designer lecture at XJTLU, Shanghai | Online
Workshop Master Design for Public Space, Urban interior design, Bovisa Politecnico. Milan
Workshop The Places of Food with Giovanni Rana, SPD. Milan
Surrealism, Design and Gastronomy. Lecture at Caixaforum, Girona
Lecture: Interventions in the non-exhibition spaces of La Galleria Nazionale. IED Arts Management Master, Rome
PORRÓ Masterclass. Addend, La Morera de Montsant
I Love Bees. Lecture at WDFDD21. Fork | On-line
Pocket Planet. Wunderkit Lecture. BASE, Milan
Surrealism, Design and Gastronomy. Lecture at Caixaforum, Sevilla
Cartography in the Age of Google Maps. Palomarlabs | Online
I Congreso Gastrosofía. Lecture and round table, Sevilla
Workshop The Places of Food at SPD Milano | Online
Seeds. Elisava MIW 21 Workshops. Elisava Barcelona
Food Packaging as Attitude. Lecture at Ruritage Webinar | Online
Lecture at Global Design Studio. RMIT Melbourne, Elisava Barcelona, College of Communication London | Online
Surrealism, Design and Gastronomy. Lecture at Caixaforum, Madrid
Workshop for Pepsico Design and Innovation Center at SPD Milano | Online
Food Talks. Presentation about Food Design. Elisava, Barcelona | Online
Teoria de la Tercera Via. Lecture at Free University of Bolzano | Online
Food as an Object of Design. Lecture at Food:Fabrik, Goethe-Institut, Amman | Online
Food + Design = Food Design. Lecture at Future Food International Forum, Beijing | Online
Jury member of the Premios Professional Edition. Elisava, Barcelona | Online
Jury member of JOOP. Japan Olive Oil Prize, Tokyo | Online
Jury member of the ADI Cultura FAD prize. Barcelona | Online
Professor in the master of Food Design at the SPD, Milan
Today at Apple, Apple shop Milan
Professor in the master of Food Design at the SPD, Milan
Speaker in the Elisava Food Design Forum, Barcelona
TIME. Debate at La Galleria Nazionale, Rome
Lecture and forum discussion in the International Food Design Forum. East China Normal University, Shanghai
Lecture in Food Friction Art Research conference, Arnhem
Jury member of the Madrid Design Festival award, Madrid
Jury member of the GRAFFICA premios, Valencia
Lecture and masterclass in MAK Future Lab. Vienna Design Week
Pannel discusion in Food Revolution 5.0, Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin
Professor in the master of Food Design at the SPD, Milan
Lecture at the Bocuse d’Or Europe OFF, Fondazione Sandretto Re- Rebaudengo, Torino
Lecture and panel discusion in Talking Pictures, New York Rights Fair, Parsons School of Design, New York.
Lecture in Wilde, Welt, Wald Festival. BBM, Unbesandten, Germany
Key note speaker at Design Principle and Practices 2018 Edition, Elisava, Barcelona
Workshop in the Free University of Bolzano
Lecture at the Madrid Design Festival
Lecture at Kunsthochschule Kassel
Lecture in the Graffica show awards, Santander
Lecture and masterclass in the Escuela Superior de Diseño de La Rioja, Logroño
Workshop “La Cura delle Arti” at the La Galleria Nazionale, Rome
Lecture at the Vienna Design Week, Vienna
Lecture in Nanjing, China
Professor in the master of Food Design at the SPD, Milan
Book presentation at the Triennale di Milano
Lecture in the Food and Science festival, Mantova
Lecture at the Escuela Superior de Diseño de Aragon
Debate and Lecture in Tapas, Museu del Disseny, Barcelona
Lectio Magistralis at Sapienza Università di Roma
Workshop at Palazzo Te, Mantova
Lecture at Disseccions. LCI, Barcelona
Lecture at Disseny i Retail. BCD, Barcelona
Lecture at Design Collective, Montpellier
Lecture at Showroom, Helsinki
Lecture at The Food Project. 2016 World Design Capital Taipei
Lecture at NGV, Melbourne
Lecture at Seedsandchips, Milan
Professor in the master of Food Design at the SPD, Milan
Lecture in Hong Kong Design week
Lecture in the Polytechnic Hong Kong University
Workshop as visiting professor at the Bovisa Politecnico Milano
Lecture in The Herald Design Forum, Seoul
Lecture in Budapest design week, Budapest
Lecture at the Festivaletteratura, Mantova
Lecture in Semana del Diseño, Pollença, Mallorca
Lecture in SMEG food debates, Milan
Lecture in Instituto Cervantes. Irish Year of Design, Dublin
A Design Dynasty: Camper Then and Now. Debate at the Design Museum London
Lecture in Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI) meeting, Madrid
Lecture in Designmarch, Reykjavik
Workshop as visiting professor at the Bovisa Politecnico Milano
Workshop for Ikea food development dep. at SPD Milano
Lecture in 2D1 Design Meetings, Istambul
Lecture in HDK, School of Design and Crafts, Göteborg
Lecture in Get up (Fabrica) Festival, Circolo dei Lettori, Torino
Jury member in the Marianne Brandt Contest, Chemnitz
Lecture about food design in Somerset house, London
Workshop by Desigual, Barcelona
Lecture in Wired Magazine Festival, Milano
Lecture in Autostadt Wolkswagen, Wolfsburg
Lecture in Indaba conference, Cape Town
Lecture in Florens 2012, Florence
Lecture about food design in Helsinki design Week
Lecture in Arbeitsstipendium im Künstlerhaus Lukas Ahrenshoop in Kooperation mit
Schmuck2/ gefördert durch das Land Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Ahrenshoop.
Workshop in the 358 agency’s food research research for VALIO, Helsinki
Lecture about food design in Hospitality & Beyond, Helsinki
Lecture and Master class in Trieste
Jury member of the promosedia international design competition, Milano
Jury member of the Art On Chairs design competition, Porto
Master class in Barilla Lab for Knowledge and Innovation, Parma
Lecture in CIBO2020, Friuli Future Forum. Udine / Italia
Lecture in Design Library, Milano
Workshop in the master program of Linnæus University, Nybro. Sweden
Lecture in Galleria ILLY, Istambul
Lecture in FUTSU, Pordenone
Lecture in Food Design Poznan
Lecture in Galleria ILLY, KDW, Berlin
Workshop in Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milano
Workshop in the Nestlé’s Research Center of Chocolate, Broc
Lecture in Belgrade design conference, Belgrade
Lecture in Stockholm School of Economics, Riga
Lecture in Elisava Escola de Disseny, Barcelona
Lecture in “jornadas de Hosteleria y diseño”, CDT, Valencia
Lecture in Foodline, Design city Graz, Austria
Lecture in Sofia Design Week, Sofia
Workshop in ECAL with Nestlé’s research center on chocolate, Lausanne
Lecture in Omskakas seminar, Helsinki
Lecture in Graphischpapierhier, Amsterdam
Lecture in Links entre las Artes, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
Lecture and Masterclass in Shapeshifters, at the Beursschouwburg, Brussels
Lecture at The Capita Selecta Lectures. Amsterdam Academy of Architecture
Jury president of the Prix Émile Hermès, Paris, France
Debate in “El sabor dels materials: Materials, agroalimentació i cuina” FAD Barcelona
Workshop FOOD NETWORKS Università di Scienze Gastronomiche di Pollenzo–Cuneo e Slow Food. Pollenzo, Italy
Workshop ALESSI PROTESI, Scuola Politecnica di Design with Alessi, Milano
Jury member of Future Marketing Awards, London
Lecture in a design simposium, Tel Aviv
Lecture at Z33, Hasselt
Lecture at the University of Art and Design, Helsinki
Lecture at the Design Academy Eindhoven
Lecture At the Scuola Politecnica di Design di Milano, SPD
Lecture in Villa Noales, Hyeres, France
Lecture at festival letteratura, Mantova, Italy
Lecture in Olot, Girona
Lecture at The Medium Design simposium, Vienna, Austria
Lecture in Dentsu, Tokyo
Lecture in Art School Vic, Barcelona
Lecture in Cevisama fair, Valencia
Lecture in Arco, Art Fair, Madrid
Lecture in EASDV, Valencia
Lecture and round table in UDK, Berlin
Lecture At the Gartenstadt Atlantic, Berlin
Lecture in Kulturzone06, Frankfurt
Lecture in the Design week, Palma de Mallorca
Workshop in Centro, organized by Toxico, Mexico D.F.
Lecture in Spanish Cultural center, Mexico D.F.
Lecture at the Istanbul design Week, Istanbul
Jury member of Premios Cerámica de Arquitectura e Interiorismo of ASCER, Castellon
Lecture in Universidad de Vigo, encuentros con el diseño, Vigo
Lecture in Hojen, Denmark
Lecture at Design Reality, Jerusalem, Israel
Lecture of Food Design in Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Lecture at Idea, Helsinki
Lecture at Manifest, Utrech
Lecture at the UDK Berlin
Lecture in Casco Projects, Utrech
Workshop in HfG, Karlsruhe
Jury member or the general Optica competition, Madrid
Lecture in jornades de disseny a Vinaros, Universitat Jaume I de Castelló
Lecture in Escuela de Arquitectura de Alicante
Workshop “Kitchen hardware”, Lisboa
Lecture “Hibye” in Elisaba school, Barcelona
Workshop “game food” at the Design Academy Eindhoven
lecture in the Design Indaba conference in Cape Town, South Africa
Workshop “identity food” at the Lausanne Art and design School, Lausanne
Lecture “Marti Guixe” in Deià design school. Barcelona
Lecture “Marti Guixe Ex-designer” in PINC conference, Holland
Lecture “Marti Guixe” in HdK, Berlin
Jury at Interieur 02, international “Design for Europe” competition, Brussels
Lecture in the “ design Austria = 75” symposium. Vienna
Lecture “Martí Guixé” in Elisava design School, Barcelona
Jury at Selfware international competition, Graz, Austria
Lecture “Foodwork ” in the Spring design Festival, Barcelona
Lecture “Surviving Nature” in the International Design Conference, Aspen, Colorado USA
“Designing an Snack” Vitra workshop, France
Workshop “Event design” in DesingLabor Bremerhaven
“Transit” THE DESIGN ASSEMBLY, Brussels
Forum Arquitectura comercial, COAC, Barcelona
Lecture “Martí Guixé work” in Entwerfen, Goethe Universität, Frankfurt am Main
Lecture “Martí Guixé” in Profile-Intermedia, Bremen
Workshop, Eina Snack. Escola Eina, Barcelona
M. Guixé Techno-Gastrosof, Tapaist, designer. ETSAV, Barcelona
M. Guixé Techno-Gastrosof, Tapaist, designer. ETSAB, Barcelona
Artificial Behaviours, Design and Emotion conference, Potsdam
Lecture “what furniture needs today?” in 100% Design, London
Jury of a Diploma presentation. Lausanne Art and design School, Lausanne
Lecture at Doors of Perception #6, Lightness. Amsterdam
Lecture at the Design Academy Eindhoven
The unconventional gaze, Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Alicante
Martí Guixé work concept. Escola Massana, Barcelona
Techno-Gastrosofie, Les Ateliers L’ENSCI, Paris
M. Guixé Techno-Gastrosof, Tapaist, designer. Nederlands Design Institute, Amsterdam
Workshop in Fabrica of Oliviero Toscani, Treviso
Packaging: Show time! Escola Elisava, Barcelona
The Kitchen Tools. Escola Elisava, Barcelona