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Naranjo Galería de
Arte & Documentos 2020
  On Flower Power
Exhibition Catalogue
La Galleria Nazionale
  Face Book BOX
Face to Face Book
+ Selfie Book
+ Fake Face Book
Corraini Edizioni 2019
  Selfie Book
Corraini Edizioni 2019

Fake Face Book
Corraini Edizioni 2019

  Social Movement
Design Book

Corraini Edizioni 2018
  Nutty VOL.3
Nutty Taiwan 2016

Ex-Designner Project
Stories of Illywords

Martí Guixé, Food Designing 2nd Edition
Corraini Edizioni 2015

  Bicycle Book
Corraini Edizioni 2015
  Face To Face Book
Corraini Edizioni 2014
Cake Book
Corraini Edizioni 2013
Transition Menu
Reviewing Creative
Corraini Edizioni 2013

  R&D Book
Corraini Edizioni 2012
[NAME] Publications 2012
  Dream Factories People, Ideas And Paradoxes Of Italian Design Electa 2011  

BWP #7 Martí Guixé
A&D Barcelona 2010
  Martí Guixé, Food Designing
Corraini Edizioni 2010
3rd Prize Gourmand
World Cookbook
Awards Paris 2010
  Park Life
Ajuntament de Lleida
Centre d'Art La Panera 2010
  Food Book
Corraini Edizioni 2008

Learning To Write
With Denver Typo
Calligraphy Book

Un Sedicesimo
Corraini Edizioni 2008
  Martí Guixé Open-End 
Stichting Kunstboek 2008
  Tattoo Book
Corraini Edizioni 2008
  Blank Book
Corraini Edizioni 2008

Don't buy it if you don't
need it
All Martí Guixé's
Camper Commodityscapes 2007
  Toy Weapons
Corraini Edizioni 2005

  The Martí Guixé,
Cook Book

Imshoot Uitgevers 2004
  Food Design
Galeria H2O
Editorial 2003

Context Free, Including
The Kitchen Buildings
Birkhäuser 2002
  Martí Guixé, 1:1
010 Publishers 2002
  MC MG La Paeria
Ajuntament de Lleida 2001
  Martí Guixé Fish Futures Galeria H2O
Editorial 1998

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