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Air Piano, Sign and Treasure Chest | The Unboxing Show | London

In 2011 I designed a collection of objects for children and the brand Magis, pre-cut cardboard elements to be assembled at home into large-scale animal figures.
I had always been interested in the idea of cardboard as a recyclable element. Toys usually have a short lifespan, due to children’s rapid intellectual development, so a cardboard object that deteriorates through use and play, through being painted and moved, struck me as interesting and as generating a perception of a fragile world that requires care. However, the Meetoo Myzoo collection has not been as popular as the other, indestructible plastic objects sold by the same brand.
Self-assembly already had its precedent in Enzo Mari's well-known Autoproduzione. Myzoo is not totally a case of self-assembly since the object is already pre-cut, but I find the “autoproduzione” element interesting as it blurs the border between producer/consumer to create what could be seen as a collaborative economy. Such is the case of the Unboxing Show, which features objects that can be built, assembled and used based on instructions and that have the archetypes Air Piano, Sign and the Treasure Chest.

The Unboxing Show
Kiosk N1C, 108 Lower, Stable St, London N1C 4DQ
18th – 26th September 2021
Mon - Sat 10am to 8pm
Sun 11am to 5pm.
Late night Wednesday 22nd Sept until 9pm