Concepts and Ideas for Commercial Purposes


Arrow and Balloons and Plant / Communicators

Blank and sentence Maker / Wall clocks

Sugar Cube / Sugar dispenser

Tube / Flower vase

Seed Safe / Seed Bank

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Rollbag / bag

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Pool / sink / ***Design PLUS ISM 2011***

Bd Barcelona

Free port / cabinet

Corraini Edizione

Social Movement Design / book

Bycicle / book

Face to Face / book

Cake / book

R&D / book

Food / book

Blank / book

Tattoo / book

Toy Weapons / book

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Monochrome Graphic Pies / poster

Pianist / stool

Cocktail / lamp

Filmografica / lamp

FLAMA / lamp

Metro / lamp

Chaos Manager / table

Xarxa / seat

Xarxa / system

CAU / lamp

CAU Sospensione / lamp

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Droog Design

do Frame / tape

do Scratch / lamp

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Jagged / glass collection

Grafitero / vase


My first office / shelf

Me Too My Zoo / toys

Football / tape

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Ghost / rug

Painted / rug

News / rug

Extended / rug

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Nikari Oy

SKR / stool

MARCH / wall bench

The Original Cha-Chá

Plant Me / pets / ***Design PLUS 2004***

Social Texture / T-Shirts


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