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Arrow, Ballooon and Plant Communicators | Alessi | 2010

The exhibition in Spazio Lima in Milan, during the 2004 trade fair, built a hypothesis of a house - functionalized and decorated using graphic elements. This not only results in the disappearance of the physicality of the object while maintaining its graphic function, it also establishes a whole new decorative code for interior design, where 3D space is understood as a habitable layer that sometimes requires interaction or dialogue. In this conceptual context, a series of devices or graphic elements were created with the intention of provoking communication. Years later, Alessi put them into production.

Communicator Arrow: Container with an arrow to indicate the content.
Communicator Balloons: A container with 3 speech bubbles to enable communication and make reference to the contents.
Communicator Plant: A metal vase with a vertical branch-like element. This container can hold all kinds of pencils or instruments, and the vertical element is ideal for sticky notes.

Photos Inga Knölke