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Aprons | Authentics | 2000

A project that Hans Maier-Aichen, then-owner of Authentics, was very enthusiastic about. It was based on a commission from Ferran Adrià to design professional-grade aprons that wouldn't knot when washed together - a typical problem in kitchen laundries. The design was made of small geometrical details that allowed me to avoid using straps, ties and buttons. For the half apron, this was achieved with a system of rolling and doubling a large, wide waistband. The full apron created a tension in the back that caused the sides to rotate, and therefore it was unnecessary to knot it. The kitchen towels had a simple fold in one corner to be hung by. The project was deemed too unconventional for the world of gastronomy and was eventually produced by Authentics for the general public.

Photos Inga Knölke