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Camper München | Fünf Höfe München | 2003

Camper Meeting-point Shop | Project concept and references
I was thinking that the location of the Camper shop was very unusual and special, an open triangle space on the edge of the Fünf Höfe building from Herzog and de Meuron. Once when I was starting to work on the project, I was investigating on the historical surroundings and the context, also the commercial context (the other brands in the centre). The idea was to make a special Camper shop, not a generic one like the other brands do; So I was considering a project done specifically for the Fünf Höfe Munchen Camper Shop. The idea is to configure a meeting-point Camper shop, the position of the shop makes it ideal, it is the first element you find coming from Ludwigstr. when going to the center and the idea is that graphically it becomes an icon for meeting people in the center of München, alternative to the Frauenplatz. The "Camper obstruction marking pattern” is an easy visual identification system and makes a reference to the Bavarian flag (Duchy of Babaria 1340), and it is done with the dark-earth camper red colour transparent vynil. The pattern acts also like an attraction, form very far away you see the pattern and makes you go there, there is an space in between where you can not identify, and once you are close you see perfectly the interior of the shop, as the squares are big enough. The effect is a kind of "curiosity generator”. | The lamps are from Ingo Maurer.

Photo Inga Knölke 2003