Concepts and Ideas for Commercial Purposes
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Camper Best Sellers Shop System | 2001

This is a second project of instruction cards for the elaboration of Camper commercial spaces. The use refers to the development of highly functional shops. The system, as based on earlier shops, is rethought with the idea of reducing them, updating them and making them more functional on an ergonomic and economic level. The image is casual and changes in function of the images that are applied. These commercial spaces thus approach installations, shunning convention; the elements ignore the space inside and are to a certain degree individuals in themselves.

Currently the system is used as the basis for carrying out many of Camper's commercial spaces; as it is quite open it allows for many variations, depending as they do on a multitude of factors. Lately it is habitual to see the inclusion of more graphic and text elements on the walls, apart from the habitual photographic panels.

Photo Inga Knölke 2001