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Tonic Death Diet | The Future Food House | World Food Festival | Rotterdam | 2013

Directed active hypotonia induced by hypnosis
The Tonic Death Diet combines 3 areas of knowledge: medicine, animal biology and hypnosis. The Diet is designed to subvert the concept of the virtual world as a substitute of the real world, creating the opposite perception. The 2 main components of the TDD are the autohypnosis app and the nutrition pills. The diet helps you reach a temporary transordinary lifestyle status. This status promotes virtual activities that can be performed through any conventional computer interface. This temporary situation rejects real world, as conventionally understood. The Tonic Death Diet can be followed through ritual, spiritual, functional, emergency or fun purposes. It can also be followed simply to avoid gastronomy. A temporary active hypotonia is caused as directed by the autohypnosis app, and the body reaches a coma-like status. Body temperature descends to a hypothermia off 35,9 degrees. The mind feels active and concentrated; basic body functions are minimized but active. The trance state can last for a long period of time and the nutrition pills help you stay in it. The pills provide clean and healthy nutrition.

Warning A “line of no return” can be reached.
Medical consultancy: Dra. Isabel Beltran Margarit

World Food Festival