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Still life with light at Sotheby's | Vienna | 2013

Since around 2 years that I am quite fascinated from the “Bag in the Box” wine storage and transportation system, not only from its technical qualities, but also from its characteristics, a quite different way of keeping, serving and drinking wine, a different perception of it. Still Life with Light is an installation around the end of the classical glass wine bottle, but keeping the wine basic elements, the label, the cork, and the vine, also when in form of symbolic representations. Still Life with Light is made by the “Free Port” prototype, 10 wine glasses, 2 Cyclops lamps, a piece of cork, fliers, a carpet and a handmade vase full with a “bag in the box” of red wine. Martí Guixé, 2012

Still life with light
Palais Wilczek
Vienna Design Week

Photo Inga Knölke 2013