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Spray Guns | Trieste | 2007

Martí Guixé shows tools to improve spray graffiti. In 2005 we did a Paint Party for the finishing of the retail space of the Barcelona's fashion Brand Desigual, in the shopping mall Diagonal Mar, it was a Friday afternoon and we meet all together to drink some negronis, after that we intend to paint the whole shop with spray graffiti before the opening day. We had 15 minutes time, and during that time 3 types of police came, the shopping mall police, the city police and the country police, but we didn't care. What we all complain was that we got pain in our fingers by pressing the sprays, one in each hand. Then I started the spray gun project, tools to spray with more than 2 sprays at one time, to be able to perform spray festivals. The exhibit shows the spray guns, a video of the Diagonal Mar paint party, and a video of the building of the spray guns.

faltwerksalon 20x30_salone gemma
via s. francesco d'assisi 52a
34133 trieste, italy

Photo Inga Knölke 2007