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Park Life Lite | Espai Zero1 | Olot | 2010

Park life seeks to reconsider everyday life as a luxury leisure sport. Continuation of the macro project "Park Life". In progress since 2003, it has been exhibited in parts in MARTa Herford (2009), Grand-Hornu, Belgium (2008), Fondazione Pomodoro, Milano (2008) and Mudac, Lausanne (2003). For the Centre d'Art la Panera new pieces will be co-produced in collaboration with Espai Zer01, Olot

Park Life 013: Hidromel Factory. Production of 50 bottles of Hidromel (mead), inside the Centre d'Art la Panera and 50 bottles of Hidromel from "Fajols" in Espai Zero1

Park life project
Espai Zero
1, Olot
C/ Hospici, 8
17800 Olot

Photo Inga Knölke 2010