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Park Life Lite | Espai Zero1 | Olot | 2010

Park life seeks to reconsider everyday life as a luxury leisure sport. Continuation of the macro project "Park Life". In progress since 2003, it has been exhibited in parts in MARTa Herford (2009), Grand-Hornu, Belgium (2008), Fondazione Pomodoro, Milano (2008) and Mudac, Lausanne (2003). For the Centre d'Art la Panera new pieces will be co-produced in collaboration with Espai Zer01, Olot

Park Life 013: Hidromel Factory. Production of 50 bottles of Hidromel (mead), inside the Centre d'Art la Panera and 50 bottles of Hidromel from "Fajols" in Espai Zero1

Opening: January 30th of 2010, 19h

Park life project
Espai Zero
1, Olot
C/ Hospici, 8
17800 Olot