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Museum Guixé | Magasin3 projects Stockholm | 2005

A project for Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall About the Catalan National Design Museum and Ikea. Ikea is the best Museum, and the best way to promote national design, from Sweden- As formulated by Octavi Rofes, anthropologist and co-director of the school of Design Eina, about the idea of creating a Catalan National Design Museum. Ikea works only with Sweden designers, he has the logo and Corporate identity as the National colours and flag of Sweden, and also is present in the whole world promoting through the everyday objects, a migration of all day attitudes into Sweden lifestyle, doing in someway a kind of unconscious (or not) colonialism of the all day. Ikea is 2 times in Barcelona while the Catalan National Design Museum is still not started to be build The Design Museum (Museu del Disseny) that Is going to be in Barcelona is a conventional museum, in a new construction building, will have a collection of pieces, that you will not be able to touch or try, being also not for selling. In which sense will that promote the national identity in sense of Catalan design? TOP MANTA as the more strategically and risky retail system Top manta is known as the way to sell illegally fakes, or pirate cd's or DVD's. This is in fact a Piece of cloth with 2 strings crossed, to have the possibility of taking it and run in question of seconds, in case the police is coming. Museum Guixe is a Museum (like the National Catalan Design Museum) in the shape of a retail system (like Ikea) but, in the more flexible and contemporary way: the top Manta. Promoting not national identity, as Guixe is refusing the geographical identification, but cultural identity: pretending as well migrations in all day attitudes.

Photo Inga Knölke 2005