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Ghost Publishers | Corraini Space | Torino | 2017

Martí Guixé presents: Ghost Publishers
Ghost Publishers presents: Ghost Anthology

Ghost Publishers is an incentive publisher. The published books are outlined but not written. These outlines consist of the definition of the title, the author or authors and the design of the cover, the back cover and a short introduction text to the contents of the book. Paper format and grammage as well as finish make this book a real physical object. The unwritten content of the book is an intellectual potential that is projected as speculation in each individual, configuring a personal fictional knowledge that can be interpreted, reinterpreted, counted or examined. This fact transgresses the laws of authorship. Ghost Publishers denies Ghost Writers in favor of Ghost Speculators.

The books exhibited are 15:

Non fiction books
• The Brief History of Design
• Business Utopia
• Treaty Of Law For Cooks
• The Death as Product
• Understanding the Ex-designer society

Books about the work of Martí Guixé
• Martí Guixé 20Y Sketchbook Commented
• L'Ex-designer Project Bar
• The 3D Printing Cooking Book

Books in collaboration
• Terra Patrigna. Graphic novel with Marcello Fois
• Succession Plan C. Essay with Octavi Rofes
• Artifact Cuisine. Photo Book with Inga Knölke

Children books
• Burning Paper Book
• Freestyle Writing Book
• T-shirt Book
• Ball Book