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F.O.S.C. at La Sala Vinçon | Barcelona | 2012

Figurative Office Siesta Cubicle
A large cardboard object in the shape of a whale, entered into through the mouth. The belly has been furnished with specific pieces that enable you to have a truly fantastic nap. F.O.S.C. promotes the idea that the siesta is an experience that goes well beyond the idea of a basic "break".

F.O.S.C. is made up of the following limited edition pieces:
• Whale, My Zoo Magis Me Too
• Torino stool by Mixing Media
• Flama Lamp by Danese
• Cau by Danese
• Xarxa by Danese

These pieces can be purchased at Vinšon as an installation, known as F.O.S.C, or just as well as separate pieces with their corresponding functions. Marti Guixe premiered at La Sala Vinšon during the 1997 Design Spring, just after his first show at Galeria H2O de Barcelona, in February 1997. He last showed at the Sala in 2001 with a compilation of edible objects, Foodwork. He now returns ten years later with F.O.S.C., a digestion of furniture that allows you to digest it all.

Photo Inga Kn÷lke 2012