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Food Furniture Marti Guixe, 10 YEARS of Food Design + Sedna K, the kitchen by Saporiti Italia. | Milano | 2007

Martí Guixé 10 years of food design
Food Design is a discipline which had its first opening in Barcelona in 1997 with Martí Guixé: SPAMT. Food Design makes possible to think in food as an edible designed product, an object that negates any reference to cooking, tradition and gastronomy. Guixé as a Food Designer builds edible products that are ergonomic, functional, communicative, interactive, visionary but radically contemporary and timeless.

Food Furniture is also the occasion to introduce a world premiere the new joint project by Saporiti and Guixe: SEDNA_K, a research to re-design the kitchen in the home, in a contemporary, informal and post-industrial way. SEDNA_K, by Marti Guixe, is the first concept created for Saporiti_K, the Saporiti Kitchen collection, by which the group from Besnate presents itself as a supplier of exclusive and original kitchen furniture and accessories, both for the residential and the contract markets.

Photo Inga Knölke 2007