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Ex-designer | Galeria H2O Barcelona | 2007

Ex-designer began in 2001 as a definition of Martí Guixé's activity in the context of design, emerging as a consequence of the decontextualization attributed to his work. In 2002, together with Inga Knölke, it was presented for the evolutionäre zellen contest as a generic system, with the function of taking on a new status within a profession, in this way breaking free of the limits implied by the discipline. Starting in 2003, ex-designer appears in a great quantity of objects produced by Cha-Chá within a context called social texture, which sought to define and synthesize a number of possibly relevant activities in the city of Barcelona. In 2004 it was presented in Milan as an application on a plastic bag, as part of the Skip Furniture exhibition held in the Lima gallery. In 2005 ex-designer took on a temporary format, that of a design studio on Barcelona's Argenteria street, which lasted a year. In 2006 it was presented in Tokyo at TRICO, as the title of an exhibition of Martí Guixé's work. This brings us up to the present, as now in official form ex-designer becomes a design label at Barcelona's Galeria H2O.

Photo Inga Knölke 2007