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DS20Y17' | Galeria H2O | Barcelona


Anniversary Exhibition DS20Y17
20 years ago SPAMT (És Pà amb Tomàquet), the redesign of traditional Catalan bread with smeared tomato, was presented at Galeria H2O in Barcelona. This event, which took place precisely in February 1997, could be considered the very beginning of Food Design. Over the course of these past 20 years, Food Design has evolved into a kind of movement. 

DS20Y17’ (Digital SPAMT 2017, 20 Years, 17 minutes) is not a retrospective but a speculative exhibition. On February 2 SPAMT turns digital by being 3D printed as an edible object. DS20Y17’ is an exhibit featuring 6 pictures, 3 drawings, 3 diagrams, 1 machine printing food, several theories, 2 fictions and multiple historical facts.

DS20Y17’ Opening February 2nd. 7 p.m.
Galeria H2O, Verdi 152. Barcelona



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