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...i Vi!. Book presentation
In 2020 and 2021 I was in continuous collaboration with ADDEND and the oenologist Joan Asens (Orto Vins), with whom I developed the project N=1. RADICAL COUPAGE THEORY VINS for Terra, Teca, Traca.
This project laid the groundwork for a multitude of proposals, including the creation of a wine and a series of artifacts related to the Porró, which built a theoretical framework around this unique traditional Catalan object.
In 2022 we published a book encompassing the N=1. project, writings from Joan Asens on biodynamic agriculture and the new perception of the Porró that has arisen from decontextualizing its identity and applying design principles to give it a place in the contemporary world.

Terra, Teca, Traca is a project that establishes a dialogue between artists, scientists, producers and other actors related to the rural world and food. Based on seven artistic residencies in Catalonia, including Addend [la Morera de Montsant], for the larger project "Barcelona, the World Capital of Sustainable Food 2021."

Presentation Thursday 26th at Galeria H2O Barcelona.

...i Vi! Book
Photo Inga Knölke 2023